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The Game Of Roulette Just Got A Whole Lot Better, Ask Betonsoft!

It's taken for granted that all of the casino games online offered by the gaming developers offer table games, of course. When one registers at a new casino online it's anticipated there will at least be a selection of favorite classic table games the likes of Baccarat, Craps, Blackjack and of course, Roulette.

It's expected that superior quality casinos will take this offering to a new level by also having games such as Pai Gow Poker, Sic Bo, Casino War and Red Dog, to mention just a few. Those that play Roulette will at least expect a couple of variations, after all people do love choice, don't they!

Most casinos will offer the American and European version which comes with the single zero and as such increasing the players chances to win. Now BetOnSoft just made the game even better and now offer 4 different versions of this classic casino game!

There's not too many alterations that can be made to this game, other than more numbers, which would hardly work for the player and would increase the House's edge. How about a slant on the original game that would be in favor of the player? Now that would be more like it, (drumroll) "Introducing BetOnSoft's Elite Editions of Roulette!"

Players will now find when playing this favorite game at one of their outstanding casinos, as well as having their two standard choices of American and European, they can play the new Elite Edition of both! Whilst the game rules remain unaltered and remain the same, a superior experience of the same games is now available.

With their new Elite Editions, one can now find superbly enriched sound effects and graphics, with the whole game having been given a makeover that really brings the casino, right into the player's living room. The images are crisper and clearer, the colors more alive and vibrant and the sounds are absolutely crystal clear.

Another major difference is that betting limits on the Elite Editions has been significantly increased. With the maximum stakes raised up to $1000 the player now stands to win $36,000 all on a single spin!

With their European Elite Edition of Roulette, they take things even further with their new La Partage rule, which also lowers the House's edge. This is for when the player makes an outside bet such as Black or Red, should the ball nestle in the Zero slot, the player is refunded 50% of their bet. Player power rules at BetOnSoft, come and experience the difference!