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Here Are A Few Little Tips On Playing Craps That May Be Of Help!

Below are a few tips that might just be of assistance if one is trying to learn and comprehend the game of Craps.

1. When first approaching the Craps table one needs to wait for the puck to be turned to OFF with the dice in the middle of the table, before putting any money down and requesting change.

2. Make sure the dice occupy the centre of the table before placing any bets. The stickman will have gathered the dice and pulled them to the centre of the table after they've been thrown. Then one can place their bet and the stickman will push the dice towards the shooter.

3. All chips that are not being gambled should now be removed from the felt, and placed in the players chip rail once the shooter has taken the dice from the stickman. Also, as a non-shooter, one's hands need to be positioned at the level of the rail.

4. The following places are the only places in a land based environment where the player can place their bet directly: Don't Come Box, Come Box, Don't Pass Line, Pass Line, The Big 6-8 and The Field. Wagers on box numbers, central proposition bets and all others can only be made by the dealer. The player places their chips to bet where he can reach them, and advises him where he wants them put.

5. The NINE and SIX are spelt out on the box numbers only to avoid confusion, and so they can be clearly distinguished from anywhere around the table.

6. All bets are off if the puck clearly says OFF with the Come out roll, that is Buy Bets, Place Bets and Come Bets.

7. Always check the Odds on offer before placing a bet. These will always be clearly displayed both online and when playing live.

If one's an absolute beginner at Craps and haven't a clue where to get started, try placing a bet on the "Pass Line" strip, and wait for the roll series to play out. When the puck says "OFF" the player will be cheering for a 7 or an 11, and then afterwards the number that the puck is moved to.

One soon gets caught up in this fun game, whether playing in a live environment or alternatively when playing online, who can disagree! Anyone out there feeling lucky? Then why not try out BetOnSoft's Craps today for free. It's the easiest way to learn, and won't cost a penny! Ready for a game?